Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Paper Lanterns

            Things you will need:
            -round paper lanterns
            -black paper
            -hole puncher
            - small black bards
            -hanging bulb fixture

            First thing you do is draw out the shapes you want spiders, ghosts, witches, etc., on black paper. You may want to trace the pictures for accuracy. Then you want to cut them out with a scissor. If you want to add red color to the shapes, cut holes for the eyes or other shapes then tape red tissue paper on the other side.
            Second punch a small hole through the shapes and slip the legs of the bard through the hole and attach the shape to the outside of the lantern by poking a hole through the lantern and spreading the legs of the bard. The last thing you need to do it insert a hanging bulb style fixture. 
-By Danny Mounce

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