Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards

                Thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner so here is a cool festive DIY to impress your friends. Give your entire guest a proper spot at dinner with these neat pine cone card holders. This will make your guests feel special and will add your personal touch to the table. 

What you need

  • Pine cones – go out and collect them or buy a bag from a flower market or craft store

  • Sharp Knife or saw

  •  Cards for names

Step One
Set the pine cone down on a flat surface and stand it up straight 

Step Two
Using a knife or hack saw cut down a slit 3/4” down the middle of the pine cone

Step Three
Fill out the names of your guest on the cards and insert them in the slot you just cut in the pine cone and your done! 

- By Nidhin V 

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