Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Glitter Phone Charger

We all get new phones, faster internet speed, more apps, and a cool new phone case.  But what about the phone charger?  Let's face it phone chargers can be boring and phone company's never give us options to get a phone charger that is out of the ordinary.  I think especially for girls, we always want our accessories to "Sparkle" or just be different from the plain and boring.  Here is a fun, easy way, to add some life to your phone charger.

What you need:

-Mod Podge (Glue)

-Paint brush (to use with Mod Podge)

-Pink glitter (you can use any color of your choice)

-Clear nail polish

-Cardboard/poster board (to use as your work station— you don’t want glitter on your floor 

or desk!)

-Phone charger

First- Paint the Mod Podge on the area you want glittered on the charger.  Do one side at a  

time so you can let each layer of glitter dry after applying.

Second- Sprinkle some glitter on your work surface.  Press the side of the charger with 

Mod Podge applied on it down on the glitter.  The sides of the charger are harder to cover, 

you may need to  apply Mod Podge and sprinkle the glitter directly on the charger.  Then 

dust excess glitter off with your fingertip lightly.

Third- Glitter can also be applied to the USB end and an iPhone plug-in if you have an 

iPhone.  Use the same method that was used for the wall outlet block of the charger.  Try not 

to get glitter in the little nooks and crannies of the USB end, etc. You don’t want glitter 

getting stuck in your phone or computer port. 

Last- After you've applied the glitter, use a clear nail polish to seal the work. Use a couple 

of layers to really secure it, letting each layer dry completely in between coats. 

Now you have a fabulous new phone charger and will stand out from the rest.  This is a great 

DIY project that can be done anytime for a great price! Enjoy!

By- Kristin Chykirda

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