Saturday, October 27, 2012

Styrofoam Tombstones

Halloween is coming up so time to make you’re house look spooky with some home made lawn ornaments, the classic tombstone. Everyone usually has some Styrofoam laying around in the attic or garage in the TV or computer box so time to put them to use.

Here’s what you need:

  •  Styrofoam big enough to cut out a tombstone shape
  •  Carbon paper
  •  Monster mud with brush
  •  Latex Gloves
  •  Ballpoint pen
  •  X-acto knife

Step 1

Using a pen draw out the tombstone size on the sheet of Styrofoam and cut it out with the scissors or a knife.

Step 2

The next step is to draw out the design and write the epitaph on the carbon paper. Get creative and draw some skulls or angel wings! Once this is done lay it on top of the Styrofoam and trace over the design with the ballpoint pen.  

Step 3

Using the x-acto knife create cuts and cracks on the tombstone. This will give it a spookier and old look just like the real thing. If you have a soldering iron you can use that to melt the Styrofoam around the designs but be careful.

Step 4

Now with the monster mud, which is a mixture of drywall, compound and a dark color water based paint your going to spread it throughout the tombstone. This will give it the cement look. After the first layer dries you can use a paintbrush and paint within in the cracks and lettering with a darker paint to make it more visible. 

By Nidhin Vidyasagar

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