Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yarn Pumpkin Craft

Real pumpkins only last for a short amount of time and can be expensive to purchase.  And finding a  'perfect' pumpkin  can be even more challenging. Here is fun craft idea, that is easy to do and doesn't cost much, and will have life span much longer than a real pumpkin.

Supplies needed:
- Yarn of your choice ( A thick yarn may be best, because it is easier to cover the surface)
- Hot glue
- Roll of jute twine
- Hurricane glass in a pumpkin-like shape (This may be difficult to find, but can be found at TJ Maxx, this type of glass shape works best, because there is a hole in the top and bottom)

1) Start by tying the end of yarn through the side of the glass, and knotting it to secure.

2)Then wrap, wrap, and wrapped some more! Use a little hot glue as, to make sure it stays in place To wrap the entire pumpkin takes about an hour.

3)  To create the "stem" take a roll of jute twine, and just slipped it into the center.

By Kristin Chykirda

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